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Heights Cafe, December 8, 2005

groupparty05 016.jpg
A lovely appetizer
groupparty05 023.jpg
Some minds were on food
groupparty05 013.jpg
Another appetizer
groupparty05 089.jpg
Elegant oysters
groupparty05 001.jpg
Shridhar, Arnold, Jolita
groupparty05 003.jpg
You-Na, Tim, Fairuz
groupparty05 004.jpg
Fairuz, Debamita
groupparty05 005.jpg
Simon, Shridhar
groupparty05 007.jpg
Siimon, Tim, Shridhar, Arnold
groupparty05 008.jpg
Jolita, Fairuz, Debamita, You-Na, Aditi
groupparty05 009.jpg
The "senior" table
groupparty05 010.jpg
Genevieve, Jason, Mariya, Yang
groupparty05 020.jpg
groupparty05 022.jpg
Fairuz and Debamita
groupparty05 024.jpg
You-Na, Tim, Fairuz
groupparty05 028.jpg
groupparty05 028.jpg
groupparty05 029.jpg
Simon, Shridhar, Arnold, Jolita, Aditi
groupparty05 030.jpg
You-Na, Tim, Fairuz, Debamita
groupparty05 031.jpg
Chris and Debamita
groupparty05 034.jpg
Simon and Fairuz
groupparty05 035.jpg
Fairuz and Arnold
groupparty05 039.jpg
Shridhar and Debamita
groupparty05 040.jpg
You-Na, Tim, Shridhar, Debamita
groupparty05 041.jpg
Tim, Fairuz, Shridhar
groupparty05 042.jpg
Fairuz and Shridhar
groupparty05 049.jpg
Shridhar and Erika
groupparty05 050.jpg
Shridhar, Arnold, Genevieve
groupparty05 052.jpg
Tim, Erika, Jolita
groupparty05 053.jpg
Debamita and Erika
groupparty05 055.jpg
Shridhar and Aditi
groupparty05 056.jpg
Fairuz and Jolita
groupparty05 057.jpg
Arnold, Shridhar, Fairuz, Aditi
groupparty05 059.jpg
Mariya, Fairuz, Debamita, Simon
groupparty05 060.jpg
Aditi and Erika
groupparty05 061.jpg
Erika and Fairuz
groupparty05 062.jpg
Jolita and Shridhar
groupparty05 065.jpg
Fairuz and Leslie
groupparty05 066.jpg
Erika and You-Na
groupparty05 069.jpg
Jason and Mariya
groupparty05 070.jpg
Leslie, Erika, Ken, Katie
groupparty05 071.jpg
Jason, Mariya, Yang, Steve
groupparty05 072.jpg
Chris, Genevieve, Jason
groupparty05 073.jpg
Yang, Steve, Leslie, Erika
groupparty05 074.jpg
Ken and Katie
groupparty05 076.jpg
Chris and Genevieve
groupparty05 080.jpg
Tim, Debamita, Fairuz, Erika, Katie, Jolita
groupparty05 081.jpg
Jolita and Aditi
groupparty05 083.jpg
You-Na and Fairuz
groupparty05 084.jpg
Simon, Shridhar, Arnold
groupparty05 090.jpg
A main course
groupparty05 098.jpg
Jolia and Aditi
groupparty05 100.jpg
groupparty05 101.jpg
Chris and Fairuz
groupparty05 104.jpg
Coffee service
groupparty05 106.jpg
Aditi and Shridhar
groupparty05 108.jpg
The quiet side of the room
groupparty05 110.jpg
Simon and Fairuz
groupparty05 117.jpg
You-Na, Fairuz, Debamita
groupparty05 118.jpg
Enjoying the action
groupparty05 119.jpg
Genevieve, Jason, Mariya, Yang, Steve, Leslie, Erika, Ken, Katie, Chris
groupparty05 128.jpg
Yang and You-Na
groupparty05 129.jpg
Fairuz and Leslie
groupparty05 130.jpg
Fairuz and Yang
groupparty05 131.jpg
Steve and Fairuz
groupparty05 133.jpg
Steve and Debamita
groupparty05 134.jpg
Steve and Tim
groupparty05 135.jpg
Steve and Simon
groupparty05 136.jpg
Steve and Arnold
groupparty05 139.jpg
Steve and Aditi
groupparty05 140.jpg
Steve and Yang
groupparty05 142.jpg
Aditi and Yang
groupparty05 143.jpg
Leslie, You-Na, Simon, Tim, Mariya, Fairuz, Arnold
groupparty05 146.jpg
Leslie and Simon
groupparty05 124.jpg
Getting ready to leave
groupparty05 125.jpg
groupparty05 126.jpg
Still assembling
groupparty05 079.jpg
The finished product
groupparty05 078.jpg
Another view of the assembled group

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