Steve Ealick's Research Group

Yang Zhang


PhD: Cornell Univeristy, 2005, Biochemistry


X-ray Crystallographic and Mechanistic Studies of Three Enzymes

Current Projects:

Structural studies of enzymes involved in the Rut pathway for pyrimidine degradation, in diphthamide biosynthesis, and in PLP biosynthesis, as well as further studies on Toxoplasma adenosine kinase.


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Zhu X, Dzikovski B, Su X, Torelli AT, Zhang Y, Ealick SE, Freed JH, and Lin H. Mechanistic Understanding of Pyrococcus horikoshii Dph2, a [4Fe-4S] Enzyme Required for Diphthamide Biosynthesis. Mol. Biosyst. 7:74-81 (2011). PubMed

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