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Sarcoplasmic Calcium-binding Protein from Nereis diversicolor

PDB file: 2SCP


Sarcoplasmic calcium-binding proteins (SCPs) are an important Ca2+-binding system in muscles of both vertebrate and invertebrate species. The SCP from the sandworm Nereis diversicolor is a single polypeptide chain of 174 amino acids and a molecular mass of 19,485 daltons. There are three calcium binding sites, which may be occupied by magnesium ions under physiological conditions. We determined the three-dimensional structure of Nereis diversicolor SCP at 3 Å resolution, using multiple isomorphous replacement techniques.

This drawing of Nereis diversicolor SCP is based on the Cα positions. The three calcium ions are represented by gray spheres.

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Cook WJ, Ealick SE, Vijay-Kumar S, Babu YS, and Cox JA. Three-dimensional Structure of Sarcoplasmic Calcium-binding Protein from Nereis diversicolor. J. Biol. Chem. 266(1):652-656 (1991).

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