Steve Ealick's Research Group

RNAase A

PDB files:

1YMR, Y92A mutant

1YMW, Y92G mutant

1YMN, Y92L mutant

*2OP2, double-mutant (V43C R85C) with extra disulfide bond


This work consisted of studying the reductive unfolding pathways of bovine pancreatic ribonuclease. The atomic coordinates of the refined RNase A structure (PDB access code: 1JVU) were used to determine the structure of the mutants by molecular replacement. Analysis of the structures as well as data about thermodynamic, and reductive unfolding properties, shows that a single intramolecular interaction is responsible for the heterogeneity in the reductive unfolding pathways of ribonuclease A.

The crystallographic asymmetric unit consists of one polypeptide chain.

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Xu G, Narayan M, Kurinov I, Ripoll DR, Welker E, Khalili M, Ealick SE, and Scheraga HA. A Localized Specific Interaction Alters the Unfolding Pathways of Structural Homologues. J. Am. Chem. Soc. 128:1204-1213 (2006).

Pradeep, L, Kurinov, I, Ealick, SE, and Scheraga, HA. Implementation of a k/k0 Method to Identify Long-Range Structure in Transition States during Conformational Folding/Unfolding of Proteins. Structure 15:1178-89 (2007).

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