Steve Ealick's Research Group

Contact Information

USPS Mailing Address:

120 Baker Lab, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY 14853-1301

Packages and Express Deliveries:

G75 Chemical Research Building, 162 Sciences Drive, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY 14853-1301

Note: recently only seems to accept BAKER LAB RM G75-R for express deliveries.


(607) 255-7961 (Professor Steve Ealick)
(607) 255-1112 (Administrative Assistant, Ms. Leslie Kinsland)

Fax: (607) 255-1227

Regular Group meeting:


The Ealick research group occupies labs and offices in S. T. Olin Laboratory, the chemistry research building. Current room assignments are:

Room 382 - Main Office

Steven E. Ealick, William T. Miller Professor of Chemistry and Chemical Biology; Director of NE-CAT

Ms. Leslie Kinsland

Room 377 - Group Meeting Room and Computer Work Stations (Phone: (607) 254-5100)

Yang Zhang

Room 372 - Computer Work Stations and Crystallization Benches (Phone: (607) 255-7517)

Michael K. Fenwick

Room 380 - Computer Work Stations and Crystallization Benches (Phone: (607) 255-2174)

Xuan Zhang

The group has satellite work areas in:

S. T. Olin Laboratory 375 - Centrifuge, Shaker, French Press, and FPLC (Phone: (607) 255-5847))

S. T. Olin Laboratory 161 - Rigaku Rotating Anode Generator and Image Plate Detector (Phone: (607) 255-3210; Dr. Yang Zhang, 254-5100, is our certified operator.)

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